Finished: Purple Shawl

Finally I made something with this yarn! I bought it months ago when we went to the yarn festival up at the Sunshine Coast from a local indie dyer. I loved how the solid purple matched perfectly with the variegated purples. I searched for a great pattern that would allow me to show off the wonderful colours and settled on this one. I’ve used the pattern a lot and love it. It’s so simple and effective.  I had a lot more of the solid purple so used that for the main part and just used the variegated colour for the edges. This pattern comes up quick which is great especially since it’s very very hot right now.

It’s horrible weather here right now, so hot and humid. And it’s not even summer!!! We have air conditioning but are trying not to run it as it costs a lot. We can luckily open the house right up and try to get a breeze into the place.




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