Yarn Review: Magic Wool De Luxe


I came across this lovely wool when looking for a purple/green mix. It is aran weight so it’s quite thick and warm. I double stranded the yarn and used a 10mm hook to create a thick blanket. I needed 12 balls of wool to make a decent sized blanket due to the thickness of the yarn. The result was a warm, thick blanket.

This wool was fantastic to use, however slightly expensive for the amount of wool needed. I would use this again, but maybe not double strand the wool.

Buy it here : http://www.iceyarns.com/magic_wool_de_luxe


In Progress: Retro Blanket


Inspired by the awesome retro blankets I’ve seen online recently I decided to make my own. I used Stylecraft yarn which comes in a great range of colours. For the retro feel I choose mustard, deep red, bottle green, an off cream, burnt orange, and a warm blue. Most of the retro blankets I’ve seen are granny squares which annoy me to pieces. After searching around I found a granny stripe pattern. This was great as it works from left to right and its very simple to understand. I’m doing 9 rows of each colour before repeating the pattern but in the opposite way. It’s coming together faster than I though and once you get past those tricky first three rows you almost don’t have to think.

Finished: Juicy Fruity Baby Blanket



I found this awesome coloured yarn at Lincraft and instantly loved the tropical colours! It’s hard to find a mutli coloured yarn that isn’t blues, pinks, or rainbow. I decided to make a baby blanket which would be fun and practical. Pattern used is corner to corner and I went up 45 rows before decreasing. This blanket measures about 87 cm squared. To finish I single crochet into each hole to form a border.

Yarn: http://www.lincraft.com.au/lincraft-dk-yarn-24

Finished: Candy Baby Blanket


I found this great wool at my local Kmart and loved the colours! What a perfect colour option for a baby blanket!  I grabbed 4 balls of yarn and hurried home to start creating. The pattern is my usual corner to corner which looks amazing in the multi coloured wool. This blanket took about 24 hours of crochet over a week to complete. The baby blankets are super quick and easy to work with. To finish I single crochet into the edges to make a nice border. This blanket measures about 90x90cm and is great for a pram blanket.

Finished: Cream Baby Blanket



I recently finished this gorgeous baby blanket. I kept it gender neutral and used cream with a light yellow trim. Patten is my usual corner to corner with a 6mm hook. The yarn is by Stylecraft and is called cream and lemon. I used 4 balls of the cream and only a few meters of the yellow. It’s approximately 90cm x 90cm. After I finished the square I single crochet around the border in the same cream. This gave it a really nice edge and allowed for an even yellow border. You could continue the yellow border for a few more rounds, but love the current effect so I finished it after only one round. This took about 20 hours to make.