Finished: English Rose Blanket


I’m in love with the Call the Midwife blanket. Obsessed. It’s the sweetest baby blanket and lends itself well to all sorts of colours and yarns. This pattern is relatively easy to do and after a few rows it just repeats. Ideal for those Netflix and Crochet marathons. I found a bunch of soft yarn at my local craft store and practically brought all the colours. Over the next few months I’ll be making a bunch of these blankets to sell on Etsy.

The first one finished is the pink one. Love this so much. This is prefect for a stroller sized blanket and is soft and feminine.



Yarn Review: Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball


Yarn Name: Schoppel Wolle Crazy Zauberball

Colourway: 1699
Yarn Weight: 3 Ply
Blend: 75% Wool 25% Polyester
Ball Weight: 100g (3.5oz)
Colour: Long colour transitions that repeat
Knots/joins: None! 420 metres in one strand of wool!

Suitable for: Socks, scarfs, shawls, anything wearable!

Notes: I love this wool! I’m such a big fan of multicoloured and bright yarn that this yarn is prefect! Only downside is it’s not a centre pull. but I can manage. The whole range is full of gorgeous colours and is a dream to work with. Highly recommend.

Finished: Pinapple doily


I’ve been a fan of the pineapple doily forever! Often I find them at op shops and snap them up. I found this mustard yellow cotton at the local craft store on an excellent sale so i grabbed a couple of balls and ran home. I can’t read written patterns too well, so found a diagram pattern. These are so simple for me to read and understand. I used a 3.5mm hook and got to work. This worked up fairly fast and took about 7 hours. It ended up larger than i thought so is more of a centrepiece than a small doily. I love how this looks and the pattern is really easy to understand.



Doily Loves


After finding (and buying) some amazing doilies at the second hand store I decided to make my own. I’m not too good with written patterns so i decided to try my hand at reading crochet diagrams. What a difference! They are so easy for me to understand! I am a visual learner so knowing how the thing is meant to go together is a great help. There are heaps of free patterns on the internet for all skills!

The good thing is they only take a couple of rounds, the longest took 45 minutes. So these are great to make when you don’t have a lot of time.

I made these using Drops cotton and a 3.5mm hook.

Below are some of my favourites

Chunky Crochet Doily Pattern in Two Sizes


Finished: Best Blanket Ever


I started this blanket months ago and sort of lost track of it. I then started a corner to corner in the same yarn to see which looked better, they both did! After weeks of trying to figure out which one to undo I decided to just buy more yarn and finish both. Naturally there wasn’t enough yarn at the store! After visiting two different stores I figured the other colours were similar enough to pass off. So I grabbed two balls of two colours and got to work.

I love how easy this pattern is. The first few rounds are a bit tricky cause you’ve got to count and swap which yarn you are working on, but after that it’s awesome!

The blanket turned out giant! I love all the different colours and you can’t even tell there are three different colour versions of the yarn used! All up this took 8 balls of wool.