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Wool and The Gang

Thanks to Wool and The Gang for sending me this awesome ra ra raffia kit! I’ve not worked with raffia before (my cat loves it) so I’m really excited to try it out. This is a sweet purse kit and will be super handy when I finish it!

Get yours here:



Ok so i seemed to lose my cro-jo in the second half of last year. Do you ever get like that? Nothing seems to be working, all the yarn is wrong, patterns don’t make sense. I did get a few things finished, but not at my usual pace. So 2018 has began and I’m pleased to say, I’m back! I ended the year on a cruise to New Zealand where I had literally nothing to do but eat, drink, relax, and crochet. It was magical. I finished a shawl made from a Whirl! It had been 4 years since my last cruise and boy did I miss it! New Zealand was magical, and I can’t wait to go back! Since coming home I ordered some more yarn. I hadn’t ordered yarn in forever! This has sparked something in me and now I’m a crochet machine again. I’ve finished a yellow baby blanket and started 2 more. I hope to use up some of my stash of yarns and make a heap of blankets this year. I also plan on making heaps of beanies with my knitting machine and donating them to charity. What are your crochet goals?

7 Instagram accounts you need to follow


Queen Babs

Jane is the yarnbombing queen! She’s a fellow Aussie who brightens up the streets of Sydney with her lovely creations. Jane is a bubbly character and an absolute joy to have on my Instagram.

Attic 24

I think everyone loves Lucy’s instgram and blog! Her choice of colours and patterns is bright and happy. Her easy to follow tutorials are a hit! Discovering Lucy’s blog made me fall in love with crochet again.


The inventor of The Sunday Shawl, do I need to say more! There is always sometime bright happening on this Kiwi’s Insta!


If you want colour and inspiration then head over to Sandra’s page! She has a way with colours that makes her creations beautiful and unique!

Olives and pickles

Colour and hexagons! Check out her unique rainbow hexagon blanket that’ll make you wonder how she plans them all out! Super inspirational!


Sandra’s page is full of features and earthy looking creations. She runs a great blog that she updates weekly! Her creations are gorgeous and unique!


Such an inspirational page to follow! There is always some new project going on here! Her colour choices are amazing and often her page features pictures of the beautiful Californian beaches!