Finished: Granny stripe Infinity Scarf


Finally this scarf is done! I started this the night before I left for America only 6 weeks ago. This scarf was worked on on various planes, coaches, and trainsĀ  across the USA. This was a great project to work on as it was only one ball of yarn and a really simple repeat pattern. I made this into an infinity scarf buy slip stitching the last round into the first round. Continue reading Finished: Granny stripe Infinity Scarf


Back from holidays!



So in July and August I traveled to the USA with my sister. We started in LA and traveled trough Vegas, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, Memphis, Louisiana, New York, and Washington DC. It was an epic month long holiday filled with a lot of sun, new experiences, food, and most important of all, crochet! I managed to visit a whole bunch of stores and stocked up on some delicious yarn. Once the jet lag has worn off I’ll be blogging about the stores I visited in case you would like to do a USA yarn tour.