Finished: White Baby Blanket


I found this amazing yarn at my local craft store. It’s white with metallic silver thread running throughout it, so unique and perfect for a baby blanket. I find the corner to corner pattern easy, quick, and very suitable for a blanket intended for a baby. This yarn was

Finished: Pink Baby Blanket




I’ve just finished this lovely pink and purple baby blanket! The yarn is from Ice Yarns and in a style called Dancing Baby and is 100% acrylic and soft. I love how bright the colours are and how they crochet up. This pattern is corner to corner which gives the great diagonal line effect across the blanket. To finish I did a different border than Continue reading Finished: Pink Baby Blanket

Doily Madness


It’s super hot in Australia right now so some days it’s really hard to work on blankets with heavy wool. I came up with an idea to make a whole bunch of doilies out of cotton and eventually sell them at the markets. These work up quickly and easily and the colours are bright and fun. I’m going to continue working on these and will hopefully have a whole bunch in a couple of months.

Finished: Blue Baby Blanket


I picked up this yarn at the local craft store and instantly loved how soft it was. It’s an acrylic/nylon blend and feel like a cloud. I could only get 4 balls of this yarn so decided to make a baby blanket. The pattern I used was corner to corner. This allows me to control how much yarn i use as you work it up in diagonal lines. Continue reading Finished: Blue Baby Blanket