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Blanket Progress

I’ve been making a lot of shawls and scarfs lately but not a lot of blankets. I got in stages of loving giant projects then hating them. I’ve recently started a few blankets and work on them every so often. I have a stash busting 12 point ripple, yellow cotton baby blanket, and a pink diamond baby blanket.

I’m trying to use up a lot of my stash as i’ve had yarns sitting in it for years and also because i want to buy more yarn hahaha A 12 point Continue reading Blanket Progress


rainbow star blankets

I decided to whip up a couple of baby blankets just to have on stand by. Does anyone else get slightly mad when their partner or family member just casually decides to tell you they need a baby blanket for their work friend? Happened so much last year, I’m prepared this time. These blankets will look familiar to a few if you’ve followed me fr a while now. Just the 12 point ripple pattern by the crochet crowd and my favourite yarn from Woolly and Warm. I made these a lot smaller than the original as they are meant for babies or young children who don’t need such a bulky blanket.
Love how these turn out and will try to make a few more to stock my Etsy store which i have been neglecting.
Yarn: https://www.woollyandwarmy.com/collections/papatya-batik

Doily Madness


It’s super hot in Australia right now so some days it’s really hard to work on blankets with heavy wool. I came up with an idea to make a whole bunch of doilies out of cotton and eventually sell them at the markets. These work up quickly and easily and the colours are bright and fun. I’m going to continue working on these and will hopefully have a whole bunch in a couple of months.

Finished: 12 point ripple 4 – Nana’s Blanket


I decided to make this blanket as a gift to my nana. She likes dull, muted colours and it just so happened that I had a few balls of this left. I had previously made her a striped blanket so, for some variety, thought she might like the 12 point ripple. Also I was on a bender of making these! They’re super easy and work up FAST! I try to make a Continue reading Finished: 12 point ripple 4 – Nana’s Blanket

Finished: 12 point ripple 2


After making the first blanket I had enough left over yarn to make another! I decide to reverse the colours to see what different effect it would make. Even though they both used the same pattern and colours they looked really different! I love how the colours have long transitions! These blankets took about 4 days of make each so super fast! The last couple of rounds take about an hour to go around, but the effect is amazing!

Pattern: http://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-spectrum-afghan-2/

Yarn: http://www.iceyarns.com/baby-yarns-magic-light

Finished: 12 point ripple 1


After getting a bit sick of corner to corner blankets I decided to make a 12 point ripple. I’ve used this pattern before and after you get past about 10 rows it’s really simple and easy! The pattern is free! And only uses double crochet and chain. These type of blankets look good with multiple colour so you can see the ripple pattern. I had some Ice Magic yarn in 8 colours with long transitions so thought it might look a bit nice. It turned out awesome! I did 4 rows of each colour and a total of 8 colours. The final round took just over 1 ball of yarn so be prepared if you want to make your own.

Pattern: http://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-spectrum-afghan-2/

Yarn: http://www.iceyarns.com/baby-yarns-magic-light