Finished: 12 point ripple 2


After making the first blanket I had enough left over yarn to make another! I decide to reverse the colours to see what different effect it would make. Even though they both used the same pattern and colours they looked really different! I love how the colours have long transitions! These blankets took about 4 days of make each so super fast! The last couple of rounds take about an hour to go around, but the effect is amazing!




3 thoughts on “Finished: 12 point ripple 2”

  1. Your projects are so colourful! I’m not that brave. I find I always limit my projects to around three colours, I’m too obsessed with things being matchy-matchy haha, but I always envy people who are bold enough to mix colours. By the way, having just stumbled upon your blog, I was wondering what in the world do you do with all your blankets?


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