Talking Crochet Hooks


I often get asked what sort of crochet hook I use. This varies on the project a lot so I’m going to outline below some of my thoughts on wooden, metal, and plastic hooks.

Wooden Hooks
I found this gorgeous hook on etsy and had to have it! I hadn’t used a wooden hook before so it was quite a different crocheting experience. I feel i have to be more gentle so as not to break the hook so I tend to use this hook for smaller projects with lighter yarn.


Metal Hooks
These are usually the first hooks everyone buys. They are super cheap and are strong as anything. There is a big difference between the ones with a rubber grip and those without. My hands tend to ache when I use the one without the grip. I picked up the Boye brand of hooks when I was in the USA last year and was super excited to try them out. Amazing! I can crochet for hours without my hands hurting. I was super happy to find an Australian store that stocks them so now I don’t have to worry about misplacing mine.

Plastic Hooks
Also another super cheap option, I can get about 4 hooks for $2 at the local cheap shop. These are light but tend to break easily. I take these hooks with me when I go on holidays on a plane so I won’t cry if they take them off me. It’s always good to have a few of these hooks around but I’ve noticed my tension is way off if I swap from plastic to metal hooks in a project.

Ultimately it is personal choice with hooks, you have to find the hook that fits your hand and creates the correct tension. 


Finished: Rainbow Scarf


My sister found this wool in the local yarn store and immediately loved it. As we are planning a trip to Alaska and the Canadian Rockies next year I decided to make her a scarf/wrap out of it. I hadn’t had to make something like this before so was sceptical about my skills. Surprisingly, this worked up in about 4 hours! The pattern was found after googling around for easy patterns. You must block your work if you use this pattern. The whole thing came alive and is even more gorgeous. This is the perfect size as a shawlette or scarf and is super warm!


Finished: Ice Yarn Rainbow Blanket


I made this blanket after dreaming of this yarn for ages! I’ve always gone to buy the rainbow set but one colour or more has always been unavailable. Fortunately the planets aligned and I was able to get the entire set! The blanket took no time to make and the Ice Yarn is amazing to work with. I stuck with the traditional rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. The blanket turned out quite large and very warm. I cannot wait to make a similar one using the Ice Yarns.