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Finished: Birds of a Feather shawl

I decided to try my hand at a shawl made from 8ply yarn. I usually work with 4ply, but i wanted something warmer. I found this yarn at Lincraft and got 2 balls. Then hours and hours of Ravelry later I downloaded a pattern. I’ve decided to buy patterns to support designers. This pattern is called Birds of a Feather shawl. It’s a super easy repeat pattern and works up sideways. Super cool looking! The gradient yarn came out great and this didn’t take that long to make. I used a 4.5mm hook, but should have used a bigger one to make it drape.





Finished: Sunday Shawl

I’ve had the Sunday Shawl Pattern on my computer for a year now. It seems to be a project i like to start and never finish, then for it to vanish so i have to start again. So a few weekends ago I sat down and made it, start to finish. The pattern is so simple to understand, lots of photos. This was my first paid pattern so was hesitant at first, but Continue reading Finished: Sunday Shawl

Finished: Lost In Time Shawl


The other week we went up to Brisbane for an adventure. We just happened to come across a yarn shop! Totally weird, not sure how that happened. Anyways, I was able to get some Bendigo Wollen Mills Sock Yarn in a totally lovely colour way. I got two balls of it cause i “needed” it. So when i got home I got onto my trusty ravelry and looked for some patterns. My Instagram is filled with all sorts of lovely shawls right now so I headed towards that direction. I found Continue reading Finished: Lost In Time Shawl

Finished: Mermaid Scarf


I found this yarn somewhere in America and loved the colours. It reminded me of underwater and the ocean, and therefore the mermaid scarf was born. I used a simple shell pattern to create the scales, and i used a 5mm hook to make it drape. This whipped up pretty quick. I used one ball of yarn which gave it a pretty decent size. It doesn’t get cold here so it’s used mainly to add colour to an outfit. The yarn is super soft and flowly and it’s the right amount of warmth.

Finished: Cat-played-with-yarn-so-had-to-make-shawl



So my cat loves blue yarn. She thinks its her baby. I had this Shawl in a Ball yarn sitting on my shelf for nearly a year before she discovered it and “played” with it. So in order to save it from being a tangled mess forever I had to quickly made something. As the yarn was called shawl in a ball i decided to make a shawl. I had this pattern sitting forever on my computer so gave it a go. So i don’t like the random fluffiness in the yarn at all. And also the white annoyed me. And then I ran out of yarn. So i didn’t get to do the whole pattern, but that was ok. It was still a decent size and was a really nice pattern. The shawl wasn’t my type of item to wear so I gave it to my mum and she loves it so it all worked out good in the end. The cat is now banned from playing with yarn though!


Erigeneia by Silke Terhorst




Blue Cape Thing

I had this amazing blue yarn sitting in my pile that was calling out for something unique. I found this awesome pattern on google and had to try it. It was for a large cape style shawl, but i figured i’d just keep going until i ran out of yarn. I love love love diagram patterns, my brain simply cannot read written patterns, so this was perfect.
This took a couple of days to make and was a simple pattern after the initial rows. I guess this is a caplet of something, either way it’s so unique and lovely. I added some strings to keep it on my shoulders. I cannot wait for winter, mainly because it’s 38 Celsius right now, but also so i can wear this. Sadly it doesn’t get that cold where i live that we need wraps, scarfs, and ponchos, it’s all mainly for decoration.

Pattern: 83647311_large_xale_41.jpg

Finished: Orange Triangle Shawl

Finally got into my American wool! I found this awesome yarn at Knitty City in New York and loved the colours! Usually I’m not a fan of yellows or oranges but this was so nice I couldn’t leave it. I decided on a simple triangle pattern to really show off the colour changes. I’ve used this pattern before and love how quickly and simply it works up. After only a couple of days it was done! Now I only have to weave in the ends! Fhew! This shawl is sure to add a pop of colour to a drab winter (if only we were going into winter, not summer!)

Pattern: http://www.senimengait.com/free-crochet-pattern-granny-shawl-triangle/

Finished: Birds of Paradise Scarf


Another one of my American projects done! I think I picked up this yarn in Fort Worth, Texas and immediately loved the colours. It has some slight colour pooling happening which seems to be all the rage in the crochet community right now. I used a simple v stitch to make this scarf and slip stitched the final row into the first row to make this into an infinity scarf. The wool is lovely and thick and drapes Continue reading Finished: Birds of Paradise Scarf

Finished: Blue Lace Scarf



The other night I was searching the web for a new interesting pattern to try. I came across this youtube tutorial by Yolanda Soto Lopez and had to give it a go. I love the lacey look of this pattern and was happy to find it was really really simple. Only a 4 row repeat! This is great as I hate reading line by line patterns. I looked for some yarn in my stash and grabbed Super Soft by Lincraft. This yarn is amazingly soft and easy to work with. I used a 6mm hook as it was a Continue reading Finished: Blue Lace Scarf