Finished: Rainbow Scarf

I started this scarf way back in July just before my USA trip. I brought it with me with the idea i would work on it on the various planes, buses, and trains we would take. I did manage to get a few rows out of it but it remained mainly untouched. Now after weeks and weeks of forgetting about it and working on other things, I’ve finally finished! The yarn used us Schoppel Wolle Zauberball which is amazing. It’s tiny though, I used a 3mm hook for the lacey look. The wool makes a perfect rainbow gradient which is super hard to find. I used the Unforgettable Scarf pattern by bobwilson123 which is super nice and easy to make, the perfect project to travel with. I’d like to make this scarf using a thicker yarn to see how it turns out, no doubt amazing.





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