Finished: Sydney Blanket


After working on this project for 4 days straight I was sick of looking at it! Finally I got back to working on it and finished it over the weekend. I precut lengths of yarn and joined when I ran out of yarn. It took a long time but the effect was different. The corner to corner pattern was once again a winner. To finish I bordered it with a row of single crochets and a row of double crochets. This is a lovely winter feeling blanket which will remind me of the adventure the blanket went on.



Finished: Rainbow Bright


I finished this blanket in record time, 8 days! I wasn’t sure if this idea was going to work and it wasn’t until I finished crocheting the pieces together did i realize that it did. I wanted a brightly coloured blanket and found some great yarn at Spotlight. It took 2 balls of white yarn, and 1 and a bit of the other colours to make this. The pattern is corner to corner but I never decreased the squares and kept them triangles. This created a scolloped edge. I did 4 rows of each colour then 1 row of white.


Finished: Mermaid Blanket


This gorgeous blanket is now finished! The yarn is amazingly soft and warm! I’m calling this my mermaid blanket because the colours remind me of a mermaid’s tail. I decided to made 4 triangles of 34 rows and crochet them together. The result is a funky wavy pre-made border! I love this yarn and pattern and cannot wait to make a matching blanket!


Finished: Retro Blanket


I finished this retro inspired blanket last week. Inspired by googling photos of those awesome crochet blankets I set out and brought some yarn. The burnt orange, mustard, deep maroon, cream, bottle green, and petrol blue really made this blanket come together! The pattern is a simple granny stripe which works up fast.
I used two balls of wool per colour, but only 1 for the blue. I’m not sure if I should add a border to this one or leave it. Possibly a grey or brown to keep the retro vibe alive. I haven’t had a granny blanket for a while, but I’ll be sure to make them in future!


Yarn Review: Stylecraft Special DK


The thing that I love most about Stylecraft Special DK is the range of colour! So many awesome shades are available to satisfy every wolly idea. The yarn is super soft and very easy to work with. I have used about 15 balls of wool so far and have yet to come across any of those nasty joins you sometimes find.

This yarn is perfect for blankets, cushions, toys, and just about everything you can imagine. The price is super reasonable and it is a must for any crocheter!

Buy it here :

Finished: Rainbow Blanket


Finally this blanket is done! This took FOREVER! Each square is 7 rows x 7 rows and used double strands. Each colour made 4 squares. All up I used 12 balls of wool for this blanket. Crocheting them all together was slightly difficult only because of the size and weight of the blanket. I choose simple grey border to finish this blanket off which I think adds to the brightness!

I don’t think I’d make another one like this mainly due to the weight. This is yet another way you can modify the corner to corner pattern to make something unique!


Sydney Vacation

IMG_3846I’ve just come back from a long weekend away in Sydney. Naturally I took my crochet project with me! We covered a lot of the NSW wales area with trips to The Blue Mountain, The Entrance, Bondi Beach, and Brighton-Le-Sands.

The project I am working on is a simple corner to corner but with random colour changes. So I didn’t have to bring scissors on the plane I precut lengths of the yarn and took them with me. This was a great idea! I found crocheting in the car very relaxing and the flight took no time!

In Australia you can bring crochet hooks on planes but I didn’t want to risk my hook I purchased in America so brought a cheap plastic hook instead.