Dreamcatcher – Pink/Gold


I was commissioned to make this beautiful dreamcatcher to hang over a cute baby girl’s bed. The theme was pink and gold to match her room. Finding the metallic gold thread turned out to be the hardest part and spent a few days trying to locate some without Continue reading Dreamcatcher – Pink/Gold


Christmas Wreath


I’ve decided to start early with my Christmas crafts this year. My local craft store was having 40% off storewide so I took advantage of this and grabbed a few supplies. Making the wreath is fairly easy but took a lot longer than I thought. All up this took about 8 hours. I had some variegated Christmas yarn from last year’s sales that I’ve been hanging onto. I simply made a rectangle of single crochets. I made it slightly smaller than the wreath so it would pull tight. I just slip stitched the ends together to make a loop and slip stitched around the wreath shape. It was nice a tight by the time I made my way around the entire shape. Continue reading Christmas Wreath