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Yarn Store Review: Wildfiber Studio | Santa Monica LA


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Wildfiber Studio is a really neat yarn store in Santa Monica. We walked from the third street promenade and it took about 15-20 minutes. The store is bright, open, and has a real nice feel to it. As this was the first yarn store I visited in the USA I was slightly overwhelmed with the choice. I spent about 30 minutes here looking and touching all the yarn while my sister enjoyed the lounge chair and lovely air conditioning. If you are in the Santa Monica area I encourage you to check this out.


Yarn Store Review: Yarn Durango | Durango Colorado


We did a Contiki tour around the USA, basically a group of 50 18 to 35 year olds in a bus. This allowed for a lot of crochet time and also to visit small towns. We had a couple of hours spare in Durango and for the fun of it googled if there was any yarn stores nearby. There was! This place was located right in town and about 15 minutes walk from where we stayed! The store is super cute and packed to the brim with all sorts of yarn. I spent a great deal of time (and money) looking at all the things and selecting a few balls of yarn. I highly recommend this store if you ever find yourself in Colorado.

Yarn Store Review: Purl Soho | New York



I wanted to visit Purl Soho for a while now. Their website and Instagram just seemed to high end and cool. We decided to walk from the One World Tower so it took about 20-30 minutes. The shop was cozy and bright. They sell fabric as well, so it was full of really pretty stuff. There was some really nice yarn which was about $97 and I was very very tempted. I resisted though hahaha. Purl Soho have their own range of cottons so I had to grab a couple of balls to try it. I also got a very nice project bag. I would say this place is slightly more high end than the other shops I visited. The colours were muted and the yarns were all soft and unique. They also sell kits for projects which were a bit out of my price range.

Yarn Store Review: Downtown Yarns | New York


I almost forgot about this place until one of the last few days in New York! We spent the morning in Brooklyn and as fate would have it, the subway line went right past this shop! We walked for about 10 minutes and almost walked past the door (thanks google maps). This is a tiny store filled will amazing yarns. Floor to ceiling! They had a few yarns which have appeared in nearly all of the yarn stores, but also some really different ones as well. This place is really affordable. Of course I touched all the yarns and grabbed a few items. The staff were really friendly as well which is lovely to see. Downtown yarns is worth a look if you’re in New York!

Yarn Store Review: Jenning Street Yarns | Forth Worth Texas


We found ourselves in Fort Worth Texas and had a few spare hours before dinner. Luckily for the internet and Uber, otherwise we wouldn’t have discovered Jenning Street Yarns. This super sweet store was only about 10 minutes drive from our hotel! I found so many lovely unique yarns here (maybe have gone a little crazy). All the staff were lovely and I even got to meet the owner! I love how warm and friendly the people of Texas are! My sister loved this store as they had a comfy chair for her to wait in. I tried to get local yarns at each of the stores I visited at, and was so happy with my Texan stitch holder! I wish this store was local to me!

Check them out if you’re in the area!

Yarn Store Review: Lion Brand studio | New York


We found ourselves right near Lion Brand Studio on day in New York and had to go have a look. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it was different to how I imagined. The space was really inviting and super colourful with lots of choices. I really loved the hand dyed cottons and wool that are made in small batches by Darrin. I didn’t realise until we left that he was there! I grabbed a bunch of these yarns and ran away before I could spend anymore money. I wish we were in New York longer so I could have done a class or two. That is something we are really lacking in Australia. Every store seemed to run classes or a social event which would be a great way to meet fellow crocheters. If you are in New York I highly recommend paying this store a visit. We walked from the High Line and the surrounding neighbourhood is so pretty.

Yarn Store Review: The Quarter Stitch | New Orleans

New Orleans is crazy, like Las Vegas’ older sibling. So good! We wandered the streets of the French Quarter one morning and came across The Quarter Stitch. By came across I mean I studied the address and pretended to come across a yarn store by accident, funny how that happened! What a store! Half yarn, half cross stitch, 100% amazing. So many things to look at and touch. They had a lot of nice yarns, too much. Some high end stuff as well which was nice Continue reading Yarn Store Review: The Quarter Stitch | New Orleans

Yarn Store Review: Knitty City | New York


I was following Knitty City on Instagram for a few months before my trip and with every post I was getting more and more excited to visit. So many colours! We set out on an epic walk that took us from Herald Square, through the nightmare of Times Square, visited the top of the rock, a confusing walk through Central Park, a flea market, and finally we got to Knitty City. I could have lived in this store. It was so so bright and friendly. Even the other customers were Continue reading Yarn Store Review: Knitty City | New York

Yarn Store Review | BRISBANE : Yarn Glorious Yarn




Yarn Glorious Yarn is a small independent yarn store located at Taringa in Brisbane. This store is just over an hours drive away but totally worth it. It’s just down the road from the gorgeous Mt Cootha Lookout which captures a great view of the entire Brisbane area. The store is small but very bright and full of gorgeous yarns, books, and accessories. While I was there a group of crafters were all sitting around knitting, crocheting, and talking, I wish this place was closer!

Continue reading Yarn Store Review | BRISBANE : Yarn Glorious Yarn