Yarn Store Review: Knitty City | New York


I was following Knitty City on Instagram for a few months before my trip and with every post I was getting more and more excited to visit. So many colours! We set out on an epic walk that took us from Herald Square, through the nightmare of Times Square, visited the top of the rock, a confusing walk through Central Park, a flea market, and finally we got to Knitty City. I could have lived in this store. It was so so bright and friendly. Even the other customers were friendly. Everything was arranged by weight which made it awesome to look through. My sister even started talking to another lady who was knitting. It was a fabulous environment. I majority of my yarns came from this store, maybe 10 skeins (maybe more). They had a lot of choice, a great range of colours, and heaps of notions to buy as well. After maybe an hour we had to leave, blame lack of space in my suitcase. All my yarns came in a great environment bag and i pretended they didn’t weigh as much as I thought. To prove this point I carried them all the way back to our hotel. Don’t do this, Uber or catch the subway.

Knitty City is the sort of store I would love in my town. I can’t get over how friendly it was, even my non-crochet sister enjoyed sitting there!

Knitty City is just moments from Central Park, right by the Subway line, and in a pretty nice location. Highly recommend visiting when you’re next in New York.




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