Dreamcatcher – Blue/Green


With summer on its way it is getting too hot to work on large blankets, then I remembered Dream Catchers! I had made a few a while back and remembered how fun and fairly simple they were. I found some rattan hoops at the local craft store and Continue reading Dreamcatcher – Blue/Green


In Progress: Spiral Blankets x 2


I randomly came across this swirl pattern and thought it might look interesting using multicolored yarn. I’ve had these 200g balls of acrylic for ages and loved the colour so I thought I’d try it out. The slow transitions really made this blanket look interesting! The pattern is worked up with 4 separate balls of yarn and basically crocheting over the top of the previous round. Continue reading In Progress: Spiral Blankets x 2

Travel: Sydney Weekend

A couple of weeks ago i travelled to Sydney for the NRL grand final. Naturally I brought my yarn and hook with me! We visited a lot of the touristy spots as well as some of our old favourites. The weather was super hot considering we usually wear jean and jumpers in October, but it was 36 degrees!! Over the weekend we drove up to The Entrance on the Central Coast. I managed to find a shop that has a heap of crochet magazines! We don’t have anything like this where I live to I stocked up! We drove Continue reading Travel: Sydney Weekend