In Progress: Spiral Blankets x 2


I randomly came across this swirl pattern and thought it might look interesting using multicolored yarn. I’ve had these 200g balls of acrylic for ages and loved the colour so I thought I’d try it out. The slow transitions really made this blanket look interesting! The pattern is worked up with 4 separate balls of yarn and basically crocheting over the top of the previous round. I takes a while to get the pattern right and unfortunately it is a written pattern. I cannot find a youtube tutorial so I might have to make one if there is a lot of interest. This pattern works up quickly but then takes ages to get around each round. At the moment it takes about 40 minutes to do one round in the purple.

So I was at my local craft store and found they had 100% Australian wool on half price sale! I grabbed 20 balls in white and came home and started to dye them. I followed my previous tutorial but used a bit more water so to get a more lighter result. The balls finally dried and I was able to start working on the second blanket. Using the same pattern it came out looking really funky and different. You can see the swirl pattern but it is not as obvious as the purple blanket. I really like this pattern and hope to finish both of these blankets soon. It’s getting hot again and having a giant blanket on your lap is hot hot hot! The wool is soo warm!



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