Yarn Shop Love: Morris and Sons


Living in a tropical location is awesome, but one of the downsides is the lack of yarn shops. We have two craft stores but not much in terms of specialty shops. I was in Sydney over the weekend for the NRL grand final and came across Morris and Sons. It’s right in the city, an easy walk from Town Hall station, and about 15 minutes walk from the Quay.

This was the place that yarn dreams are made of! It’s a sort of underground cave of yarn, hooks, boos, and accessories. It was AMAZING! With limited time (and limited budget) I had a quick look. Quick look in a craft store is about half an hour! There is a lot of beautiful yarns lining ever wall and a whole wall of hooks! As I was literally on my way to the football game I couldn’t carry much so I settled for some new hooks. I hadn’t come across a great range like this before!

If you’re in the city I highly recommend checking it out. Even just for a look!

Check out their website! http://morrisandsons.com.au/


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