One day I was bored and looking for inspiration for my next crochet project. Surrounded by lots of scraps of yarn I went in search of a simple quick way to use this all up. I came across love bombs. Basically you make a heart, print up little cards, and leave these around in public places for people to find. I loved the idea and got straight to work! Each heart took minutes to make (pattern link at the end) and was the perfect way to fill in a few hours. I work as a designer at a printing company so getting these printed was easy, I suggest business card size and taking them to your local print shop. We punched a hole so the heart could be attached.

This weekend I went to Sydney for a mini-holiday. I grabbed a bunch of hearts and distributed them around the place. On fences, signs, trees, all over the city. Hopefully they brighten up someones day!

Patten: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23EvTAIFM_U


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