Finished: Hexagon Blanket 1


After finding this simple pattern for hexagons I just had to try it! I had a whole bunch of different shades of pink to use and went for a girly style blanket.

Each hexagon took about 10 minutes to make. It took a while to figure out how all the hexagons fitted together, but in the end it all looked even. I figured out how to join these in the final row so that saved time. The hardest part was making a pattern for the half hexagons to fill in the spaces on the ends. I’m not that smart with pattern making and after a lot of failed attempts I finally sorted it out.

To finish I did single crochets all around in the nicest pink colour. All up this only took 1 ball of each of the four colours, and 1.5 of the main colour which was also the border. It took about 8 days of crochet.



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