Yarn Store Review: The Quarter Stitch | New Orleans

New Orleans is crazy, like Las Vegas’ older sibling. So good! We wandered the streets of the French Quarter one morning and came across The Quarter Stitch. By came across I mean I studied the address and pretended to come across a yarn store by accident, funny how that happened! What a store! Half yarn, half cross stitch, 100% amazing. So many things to look at and touch. They had a lot of nice yarns, too much. Some high end stuff as well which was nice to look at. The staff were fabulous and super friendly. And I could have spent all day there. After what seemed like minutes, but my sister assured me was closer to an hour, I finally decided on my yarn. The lovely girls wrapped everything up in tissue paper and ribbons! I’ve never seen anything like it! Then it was off to more New Orleans craziness! This store is a must visit if you find yourself in New Orleans.




4 thoughts on “Yarn Store Review: The Quarter Stitch | New Orleans”

  1. I have to agree! I truly did stumble across the store on a visit to NOLA a few years ago and was astonished by the loveliness. My husband was appalled at the amount of money I spent on two gorgeous skeins of yarn. I had mostly hidden the knowledge of my stash prior to that.. lol! I have knit a beautiful shawlette out of some colinette jitterbug and am saving the second skein for when my skills have improved somewhat. A must see if you are a fiber or stitch aficionado!


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