Finished: Sunday Shawl

I’ve had the Sunday Shawl Pattern on my computer for a year now. It seems to be a project i like to start and never finish, then for it to vanish so i have to start again. So a few weekends ago I sat down and made it, start to finish. The pattern is so simple to understand, lots of photos. This was my first paid pattern so was hesitant at first, but after reading it a few times it became really simple. I used a bunch of Stylecraft Special DK that i had hanging about and a 4.5mm hook. The shawl turned out giant, slightly too big for me to wear here as it doesn’t get cold at all. Maybe i’ll take it to New Zealand or Melbourne. The Sunday Shawl is an iconic pattern and a must do for any crocheter. I am going to make another one of these shawls but might use a lighter yarn to make it smaller and more manageable for me.





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