Blanket Progress

I’ve been making a lot of shawls and scarfs lately but not a lot of blankets. I got in stages of loving giant projects then hating them. I’ve recently started a few blankets and work on them every so often. I have a stash busting 12 point ripple, yellow cotton baby blanket, and a pink diamond baby blanket.

I’m trying to use up a lot of my stash as i’ve had yarns sitting in it for years and also because i want to buy more yarn hahaha A 12 point ripple is a favourite pattern of mine and i enjoy not having to think about the pattern. This yarn was bought ages ago and i have a lot more of it. I need it gone!

The yellow cotton blanket seemed like a good idea at the time. I needed a baby blanket and thought cotton would be a good option. I had some 4ply in my stash and got to work. The pattern i choose was very tight which doesn’t help. The hook is 3.5mm. So this is taking forever. I think it’s about 15-20 min a row. So boring and the blanket is not growing. Also I miscalculated and will have to buy more cotton to finish it… if i finish it.

The pink diamond blanket is a back up blanket if the yellow one goes to WIP heaven. Ive wanted to try this pattern for ages and have a heap of baby yarn sitting around. This works up quick, but i get mixed up with the repeat pattern if i don’t finish a whole section. I will probably finish this one next.


2 thoughts on “Blanket Progress”

  1. I usually end up getting bored mid blanket too! But it is nice to have a big project to pick away at a little here and there between other things. Or a pattern that is good for watching TV. Is there any way that you can convert the yellow blanket into a scarf or shawl so you can call it complete quicker? Maybe adding some fringe to the sides will make it look scarfy? The colors in the 12 point ripple are gorgeous! That is a great stashbusting blanket! 😀


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