Finished: Lost In Time Shawl


The other week we went up to Brisbane for an adventure. We just happened to come across a yarn shop! Totally weird, not sure how that happened. Anyways, I was able to get some Bendigo Wollen Mills Sock Yarn in a totally lovely colour way. I got two balls of it cause i “needed” it. So when i got home I got onto my trusty ravelry and looked for some patterns. My Instagram is filled with all sorts of lovely shawls right now so I headed towards that direction. I found the Lost in Time shawl and felt ambitious so I started it. This pattern is free! Its written and charted! It is perfect. I used the chart to help and the written instructions as a guide. So much counting and paying attention in those first few rounds, but it’s all worth it. I planned on making the shawl giant, but after using nearly one ball it felt like the perfect size for me. It doesn’t get cold here so these are mainly for decorations and not at all practical. So i did the final few rounds of the pattern with about 5 meters of yarn left!

This pattern is easy enough to understand, it’s not something you can mindlessly do though. I ripped out a lot of stitches, but didn’t give up!


Yarn: Shade524 Ocean Purple Multi


6 thoughts on “Finished: Lost In Time Shawl”

  1. What beautiful colours! I’ve just finished a Lost In Time scarf (not really a shawl wearer) and it’s like the perfect pattern. Like you said, it’s not mindless and you have to pay attention, but also not so difficult that I ever wanted to give up. I might just make another one in blue because it looks gorgeous!

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  2. Beautifully done, I am looking for the graph as I am a bit of a novice following patterns and find the graphs easier, but I cant get one.
    Any help would be appreciated


      1. I’m not Pam, but I would LOVE to have the graph of Lost in Time. I may be the only one, but my stitch counts at the end of eac row just doesn’t match the pattern. Please help! I’m on row 14, but I will gladly rip it all out and start over to “get it right”.


      2. Hiya, I don’t know if you’ll see this or not. I’m working on this shawl myself and I love it so much. I think I’m messing up maybe on row 17 possibly. I get to 22 and wind up with the wrong number of popcorn stitches. A graph would be so helpful, please! 🙂


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