Finished: Ice Yarn Rainbow Blanket


I made this blanket after dreaming of this yarn for ages! I’ve always gone to buy the rainbow set but one colour or more has always been unavailable. Fortunately the planets aligned and I was able to get the entire set! The blanket took no time to make and the Ice Yarn is amazing to work with. I stuck with the traditional rainbow of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. The blanket turned out quite large and very warm. I cannot wait to make a similar one using the Ice Yarns.


8 thoughts on “Finished: Ice Yarn Rainbow Blanket”

  1. Hi, Love your blanket and colours. Can you tell me what the measurements are of your finished blanket, and how much yarn you used?
    I would like to make one.


  2. Hi – I’ve been admiring your rippled blankets using “ice yarn.” Is this yarn that goes from light to dark in one skein? Who is the manufacturer? I’m curious if this is available in the US because I have never seen it before. I make alot of grannies and this would be a fun yarn to use. thanks.

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    1. Hello, yes the yarn changes colour slowly through the whole ball. I buy it directly from their site, which I link. I’m not in the U.S. So I’m not sure if they stock it there. The shipping is quick to Australia and it is reasonably priced.


  3. Really beautiful ! I will be maling this once the colours come back in …they are pretty much all sold out after Xmas. Did you use ice magic light ? If not which ice yarn did u use…pretty please. P.s. Have just found you and signed up for updates. Your creations really speak to me, I love spending time here 😊


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