Tutorial: Christmas Wreath


Add a bit of homemade goodness to your Christmas decorations with these cute and easy Christmas wreaths! Thanks to Lincraft for sponsoring this post

To start you will need:


Styrofoam wreath shape

Esther 8ply Acrylic yarn in red, green, and white

5mm Hook

Tapestry needle

Decorations such as sequins, beads, pom poms, and trims

Glue or needle and thread.

The first task is to cover the Styrofoam shape with your yarn. There are several ways to do this and each one will give you a different result.

Single Crochet

To start chain about 19, single crochet into second stitch from hook. Continue to single crochet until you reach the end of the row. Once you are at this stage measure around the shape to make sure it fits. Different tension while crocheting might result in different outcomes. It should be tight but not too tight. If you are happy,  continue to single crochet each row. Feel free to change colours as often as you like. Remember to keep counting to make sure you don’t drop a stitch and make it uneven.

You should make a rectangle. Measure your shape against the Styrofoam shape and continue adding rows until you are happy with the fit. This will be different for everyone as some prefer tighter stitches. Once you’ve done your last row you can either single crochet around the outside of the shape or leave it plain. This is just a preference thing, and it won’t matter to the final outcome. Bring the two edges of the crochet rectangle together and slip stitch into each gap. Make sure it is even. Fasten off.

Slide your crochet over the Styrofoam shape like the photo below. With your hook insert hook into the two holes, yarn over, pull through. This is a bit tricky at first and you might need several attempts to get it right. To get the shape right, I find I hold my hook differently. Continue this all the way around. It should get really lovely and tight towards the end. Keep it nice and even and you’ll be right. Once you get back to the start fasten off in your preferred method. And you’re done!

Yarn wrapping

This one can be tricky but the result is awesome! Start by knotting three to four strands of various colour yarns together and slip onto your hook. I still used a 5mm hook despite multiple strands. Use whatever you feel comfortable with. Wrap yarn around the Styrofoam shape and pull trough. Please check the photos below if you are confused. To save yourself from getting tangled, alternate between wrapping the yarn over or under then pulling through. You might need several attempts but it is worth the finished result. You will notice and almost braid effect from alternating the over and under yarn. Slip stitch into the first stitch when you’ve covered the shape and fasten off.

Corner to corner

This is using the same joining technique as the single crochet but with corner to corner. This gives a chunky effect and can allow for some interesting looks.

Decorate your wreath however you like, I like to sew everything to make it more secure, but you can use glue for sequins and smaller items. Attach a piece of yarn to act as a hanger and you’re done! Enjoy a truly unique Christmas Craft!  screen-shot-2015-12-04-at-12-03-29-pm


One thought on “Tutorial: Christmas Wreath”

  1. These are so pretty! I’ve been following you for a while and I’m always amazed at how much crocheting you seem to do. You give me a lot of inspiration and ideas for new projects!

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