Finished: Giant Granny Blanket


So I finally finished this blanket! It took forever and I hated it by the end. Now it’s finished I love it haha This blanket was made up of scraps of Stylecraft Special DK that I had laying about. I thought a simple granny blanket would be easy, that is until i decided to make it giant. I found working in rounds easiest. For example, do all of round three and four at the same time. Each square took about half and hour to make and I tried to randomise it as much as possible. I joined as i went which saved time, instead of chaining I would slip stitch into the space. I went with an orange border to make it even more colourful. I still have a bit of leftover yarn which I will turn into another scrappy blanket soon!


3 thoughts on “Finished: Giant Granny Blanket”

  1. So colourful! I love it! I have a granny square blanket on the go at the moment…like yours it feels like its taking forever, but I don’t hate it yet!


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