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Finished: Retro Pineapple Doily



I found this awesome cotton at Spotlight and had to get it! After spending hours and hours on Pintrest I came back to my new favourite pineapple pattern. It’s super easy to follow and not at all boring. I used a 3.5mm hook and this took just under 2 balls of cotton. This took me about 10 hours to make, while watching Orange is the New Black, so there was times a lot of non-crochet time.

This is more a centre piece size and would look amazing in a tropical themed house. I’m now searching for a pattern to make smaller coasters to match.

link: http://crochet.postbit.com/upload/23340/20121001/toalhinha-pineapple-doily-gr-pink-rose-crochet-1024-postbit-7027.jpg

Finished: Pinapple doily


I’ve been a fan of the pineapple doily forever! Often I find them at op shops and snap them up. I found this mustard yellow cotton at the local craft store on an excellent sale so i grabbed a couple of balls and ran home. I can’t read written patterns too well, so found a diagram pattern. These are so simple for me to read and understand. I used a 3.5mm hook and got to work. This worked up fairly fast and took about 7 hours. It ended up larger than i thought so is more of a centrepiece than a small doily. I love how this looks and the pattern is really easy to understand.


link: http://crochet.postbit.com/upload/23340/20121001/toalhinha-pineapple-doily-gr-pink-rose-crochet-1024-postbit-7027.jpg