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Finished: Aunt’s blanket



It’s finally done! It’s so heavy and thick and I do not recommend crocheting wool in 40 degree weather. The colour looks amazing in the sun! I hope my aunt like this.

Time Spent: Approx 24 hours of crochet



Inspired at midnight I decided to make a dreamcatcher. I found the hoop online, but have since found my local craft store stocks them in the fake flower section. This hoop is 14 inches wide.

Covering the hoop took the longest, and making the star was very simple as I had made that pattern before. It took a while to figure out the best way to attach everything together.

I used some mixed yarn at the bottom to create a fringe. I love the effect and cannot wait to make another.

Finished: Two Baby Blankets



Oh wow, they are finally done. After weeks of procrastinating I finally finished both the blankets! I really didn’t like the yarn used on the more pinker blanket, it was too fine and not as soft as the other one. And somehow still have about 100gms of it left! Anyways, they are both done and are now awaiting the arrival of their precious new owners. I’m contemplating adding a border around them, especially the more gender neutral one, but will wait until the baby’s are born to make my final decision.