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Finished: Cat’s Blanket

My cat is a little thief. Every blanket I make she thinks is hers. I had a bag of mill ends from Spotlight and thought I’d make a corner to corner baby blanket to add to my Etsy store (which i desperately need to re open) So as i’m crocheting away cat comes over to investigate. I tell her to go away and she does. But next morning I find her sleeping on the blanket. She dragged it from the lounge to her sleeping space! It’s no good to sell now so I let her use it. However, it’s not finished! She won’t let me finish it! Finally I manage to distract her and finish it off for her. She loves it. It’s really thick so maybe it’s the texture, anyway it’s very well used. Over the weekend I managed to steal it back so I could wash it cause it stunk! It took two days of soaking and drying for it to be useable now. This cat better not steal another blanket.

7 Instagram accounts you need to follow


Queen Babs

Jane is the yarnbombing queen! She’s a fellow Aussie who brightens up the streets of Sydney with her lovely creations. Jane is a bubbly character and an absolute joy to have on my Instagram.

Attic 24

I think everyone loves Lucy’s instgram and blog! Her choice of colours and patterns is bright and happy. Her easy to follow tutorials are a hit! Discovering Lucy’s blog made me fall in love with crochet again.


The inventor of The Sunday Shawl, do I need to say more! There is always sometime bright happening on this Kiwi’s Insta!


If you want colour and inspiration then head over to Sandra’s page! She has a way with colours that makes her creations beautiful and unique!

Olives and pickles

Colour and hexagons! Check out her unique rainbow hexagon blanket that’ll make you wonder how she plans them all out! Super inspirational!


Sandra’s page is full of features and earthy looking creations. She runs a great blog that she updates weekly! Her creations are gorgeous and unique!


Such an inspirational page to follow! There is always some new project going on here! Her colour choices are amazing and often her page features pictures of the beautiful Californian beaches!