Yarn Review : Vera Moda “Faith”

First Impression:

I love the colour! Its lovely and bright and a really nice rainbow. It is very difficult to find a nice rainbow coloured yarn. Usually there is a lot of yellows which I don’t particularly like.  The yarn is thin and floaty which would make a great scarf or wrap.

Crocheting Up:

I used a 6mm hook and found it really difficult to start off with. This is to be expected though. Once I started though, it was fine. The yarn is very difficult to undo and knots very easily. I love how the colours change gradually. I did notice there was a join about 5 metres into the yarn. Nothing makes me more angry than this. I had to cut the yarn and start again as the colours did not match up. When joining a new ball of yarn I found that it gave a much nicer result if you tried to match the colour as close as possible. This meant cutting a bit of the yarn off, but did give it a continuous look.


This yarn is beautiful, I’d buy it again. I’d love to make something large and floaty such as light blanket. I’d recommend this yarn to anyone looking for a delicate look with gorgeous colours.


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