Zig Zag blanket

If you want to make a blanket but don’t want it to be very thick and chunky I recommend this zig zag blanket. It’s really simple to do once you’ve gotten past the first two row. This blanket is ideal for a couch blanket or a kids blanket. I’m not sure how it would go as a baby blanket as there are quite a few holes that might get tangled with little baby fingers.

I had come across some delicious rainbow gradient yarn so I was looking to make a blanket that would show off the colours without having a fussy pattern.

To start I chained 250. This is totally up to you, but just make sure you do an even number plus 1 to turn.

I used a size 6mm hook which is the perfect tension with the 8py yarn I chose.

Once you’ve chained these turn your work over.

Yarn over and insert hook into the second chain, draw a loop and pull through two, yarn over and pull though the final two loops. Repeat this stitch into the same hole. Once you’ve done this chain one. Skip the next chain and repeat.

Continue this until you’ve reached the end of the row. Chain one and turn.

You should be able to see the V stitches. This is where you will now make your stitches.

Repeat this pattern until you’re happy with the length and fasten off.

This is a great pattern to use up any scraps of yarn you have, or to use gradient yarn.





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