Finished: Watercolour Rainbow Blanket


This blanket took me a while to make. I wasn’t really focused on it and used it as a filler in-between the other projects. I originally wanted to make them all squares and sew them together. But it was dragging on and I figured I need it finished and out of my way.

I made 16 7×7 squares and 2 28×28 squares. The pattern in the wool was a happy accident! Each of the smaller squares took about 12 minutes each. Sewing them together has never been my strong point. I used clothes pegs to keep them from bunching up and it seemed to work. The ends are annoying me and I wished I had sewn them in as I went. Eventually I will finish this off properly.

I’m thinking about adding a small thin border in white or black just to finish it off nicely but that’s a job for another day!

Wool used:

Pattern: Variation of this

Time spent: 5 weeks


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