A creative Spin On Corner To Corner

The corner to corner pattern is really simple and quick to work up. By simply changing the direction of the square there are endless possibilities and ways to create something unique. These blankets require a bit of planning but the results are amazing. I like to make squares 10 rows x 10 rows and change colours half way through. There are no rules with these blankets and it’s easy for your creativity to take over!

Idea 1.

This is great for a feature colour. The diamond pattern would look great repeating over the blanket!

Idea 2.

This would make a chevron style blanket. Use two colour for a bold look, or choose 1 bold colour, and 2 similar shades for a cool 3D look. IMG_2169

Idea 3.
With a big of planning on paper before you start this blanket would look fantastic! Imagine bold diagonal lines! There are several ways to customize this blanet too, choose 1 bold colour and have the diagonal line repeat every second ‘row’ or have the whole blanket as several diagonal lines!



Idea 4.
This is a cool design which looks best with 3 colours. Choose 2 similar colours for the centre and 1 bold colour for the outside. You can also customize this by having another set of colour and creating a checkerboard effect.



Idea 5.
This is an awesome idea to make a colourful blanket with bold shapes and lines. The repeating pattern would look great or mix it up with another set of colours.




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