Yarn Review: Ice Yarn – Magic Light


If you love super soft wool with beautiful colours then you’re in luck! I’ve used the purple and blue variety of this wool and I love it! This wool is extremely soft, much softer than Dancing Baby. The colours available are gorgeous! I double stranded the blue/green and made a super chunky blanket, it is so soft it feels like a cloud! This would be great for a baby blanket or a throw for your bed or lounge.

Available in lots of 4, I use 8 balls of wool to make a fairly decent sized blanket. The gradient in colour is perfect for the corner to corner style blankets!

Buy it here : http://www.iceyarns.com/baby-yarns-magic-light


One thought on “Yarn Review: Ice Yarn – Magic Light”

  1. Oh, no! Now you’ve done it: I now have to go and buy some of this yarn! I’ve tried for so long to stay away form their website, but now I’m caving in! :-)) Love your blanket en the review…


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