Finished: Red Call the midwife blanket


When you think of baby blankets you usually think of pale pink, blue, or yellow. I’m a fan of the more non-traditional look so have decided to make some baby sized blanket in red, green, and bright blue. This pattern is super simple after the first few rows and works up quick. I found the yarn at my local craft store and used roughly 2.5 balls. This makes a stroller sized blanket but you can adapt the pattern to make it larger. I did a simple border to finish it off.




2 thoughts on “Finished: Red Call the midwife blanket”

  1. I really liked that pattern! I’ve made a number of the baby blankets myself and really enjoy working with the pattern. Your red one looks really sharp!


  2. I love the colour of this, I’m picking out all the crafts I’ll be doing this autumn/winter season… this is totally on my list now, beautiful.


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