It’s been a busy few weeks! I’ve gone through my entire stash and found HEAPS of yarn and projects I had forgotten about. I am on a total yarn ban until I use at least half of my stash.  At this rate I should be ready to buy more wool in about 19 years. I’m going to undo a bunch of half finished projects as I’m just not feeling them anymore or had better ideas for the yarn.

I’m in the process of turning our study into a crochet cave so at least I can see what I have to work with.  I’ve managed to finish a call the midwife blanket that I had sitting around for months which allowed me to start a stash busting blanket. I had a bunch of half used Stylecraft Special DK sitting here taking up space so I’m turning that into a giant blanket. I’m almost done with it now and thankfully used a lot of the yarn up! Just a simple granny square blanket but in very random colours.

I started another scarf with some of my souvenir wool with is fun!



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