In Progress: Rainbow Hexagon Blanket

I’m trying to now buy anymore yarn for a while and use up what i have. I have a lot. Like too much. So I’m trying all sorts of stash busting patterns. I made a hexagon blanket a few months back and loved the result so i thought i’d give it another go. I decided to make rainbow centres and do the final round in white to make the rainbow colours shine.
I used PAPATYA BATIK by Woolly and Warm in about 8 different shades. I love how the long colour transitions make this seem like a lot more colours were used. the pattern is really easy and i was able to make a whole bunch of shapes before going them. Joining is where i come unstuck, i get so bored and just want to finish it. I am using a join and i go method, simply slip stitching into the space instead of chaining.
I haven’t technically finished this blanket, but here’s hoping i do soon 😛

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