Finished: Pink Diamond Blanket

I’ve had this pink yarn sitting here forever longing to become something. Not a granny, nothing too busy, only one colour, the options were a bit limited. I found this pattern on Ravelry and decided to give it a try. Love at first stitch. I really enjoy working on patterns like this. They are so easy to customize the size and simple to remember. I used about 400g of yarn total to make a baby size blanket. I added the scalloped border to give it a bit of frill as the edges were a bit bland. I’m already working on the second blanket and feel this is going to be my go-to baby blanket (until i get bored and find another pattern haha)



One thought on “Finished: Pink Diamond Blanket”

  1. That is such a pretty little blanket! I love patterns that can be easily customized. This worked up really nice, it’s hard to find a good pattern when you’re only using one color yarn. 🙂


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