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Yarn Review: Magic Wool De Luxe


I came across this lovely wool when looking for a purple/green mix. It is aran weight so it’s quite thick and warm. I double stranded the yarn and used a 10mm hook to create a thick blanket. I needed 12 balls of wool to make a decent sized blanket due to the thickness of the yarn. The result was a warm, thick blanket.

This wool was fantastic to use, however slightly expensive for the amount of wool needed. I would use this again, but maybe not double strand the wool.

Buy it here : http://www.iceyarns.com/magic_wool_de_luxe

Yarn Review: Ice Yarn – Magic Light


If you love super soft wool with beautiful colours then you’re in luck! I’ve used the purple and blue variety of this wool and I love it! This wool is extremely soft, much softer than Dancing Baby. The colours available are gorgeous! I double stranded the blue/green and made a super chunky blanket, it is so soft it feels like a cloud! This would be great for a baby blanket or a throw for your bed or lounge.

Available in lots of 4, I use 8 balls of wool to make a fairly decent sized blanket. The gradient in colour is perfect for the corner to corner style blankets!

Buy it here : http://www.iceyarns.com/baby-yarns-magic-light

Yarn Review: Ice Yarn – Dancing Baby


I first came across Ice Yarn on Instagram. I was drawn to the amazing range of rainbow colours and the awesome effect of the gradients. After some googling I found where I could buy it online and luckily they shipped to Australia. Living on a giant island I assumed the price to ship would be outrageous, it was, but the yarn was super reasonable so it all worked out. Plus, there is nothing like it in any of our craft stores! I ordered 12 balls, they only send it in lots of 4, and it arrived within 8 days of clicked “buy”! What great service.

The wool was even more brighter in real life and fairly soft to touch. Instantly I started to crochet and fell in love with the bright colours and design.

I’ve since ordered the blue variety, and the orange rainbow and was equally impressed. This is a favorite of mine and will continue to use it for upcoming projects.

Buy it here : http://www.iceyarns.com/dancing-baby-yellow-orange-lilac-green-fuchsia

Tale of the white blanket

ThatGirlWhoCrochets-WhiteWoolMy cousin came to me to ask to a blanket for her new lounge. Delighted I asked what colour she had in mind. Imagining lovely blues, green, and greys, my dreams were slowly dashed when we requested white. Why? I thought to myself! At least it’s not solid black, in which case I would have sent her a bill for my glasses which I would have needed! After trying to talk her out of it, and failing, I began to look for some yarn. She requested a chunky blanket, which is good because i’ll be able to finish it quickly! I found this Red Heart yarn on http://www.loveknitting.com and quickly ordered it! Super fast shipping too, especially to my island home! So 12 lovely squishy soft balls of yarn are in my possession. They are aran weight so should crochet up lovely and thick. Wish me well as I bravely step into the world of an all white blanket!

Sari silk yarn


I’ve been looking at these sari silk yarns for a while now and finally decided to buy some. Surprisingly it took less and a month to arrive from India! Ordering yarn online is always a challenge, I prefer to touch it and make sure it’s not too thick or thin. Also I like to see the yarn is quality and not cheap looking.

After opening my package I found 10 skeins of delicious yarn! I love the colour, the metallic threads and the highlights of blue and green. It’s a great rainbow and yet it still works. The yarn is soft and has a great texture too.

I’ll work on a blanket with this soon. I think I haven’t ordered enough but I shall manage with what I have!