Finished: Call the midwife Blanket


This blanket has come up on my facebook so many times that i’m sure it’s the most popular pattern of the year! I HAD to try it! The pattern is free and available from littlemonkeyscrochet and it’s super easy! Not going to lie, the first couple of rows are a bit tricky to work out but after that it’s just a repeating pattern.

I just used some cheap acrylic that I got on sale at my local craft store as I wanted a practice piece. Even on the cheapie yarn the result was amazing! No wonder everyone’s obsessed with it!

The only thing I changed was the border, I just did double crochets.

This is going to be my go-to pattern for baby blankets from now on. It’s also very easy to make the pattern wider to suit bigger blankets!



4 thoughts on “Finished: Call the midwife Blanket”

  1. Thanks for the pattern link! I’ve been looking for a baby blanket pattern and this is perfect. I can’t wait to make one! The one you posted here looks great!


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