In Progress: Giant Rainbow Blanket


A couple of weeks ago I was playing around the internet and found this awesome site! Amazing colour combinations which finally featured a gorgeous rainbow! 24 awesome colours!!! I quickly ordered my pack and started to think about the design. Ripple, granny squares, granny stripe, solid squares, corner to corner. So many options. Finally I decided on v stitch with no spaces.

I’ve made several blankets like this in the past and I love how quick they work up. Now because I had 24 balls of wool I decided to make this blanket rather large, to fit on a queen sized bed. I am not good at estimating the size of things, so my starting chain was something like 250. Way too big. I did not realise this until I was about 5 colours in! And because I hate frogging stuff I went with it. So this blanket is huge, the amount of overhang already is impressive. I’m going to continue on with this blanket and guess it’ll take me several months.


V Stitch:


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