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Blankets @ the beach

I decided to take my completed blankets to the beach to photograph them all together. I live in Queensland which is on the east coast of Australia. There is a beach culture here and one week of winter where it gets to about 10 degrees.




Finished: Valentines Blanket


Words cannot describe how much I love this blanket. The photos don’t do it justice. I used the wool I dyed using food colouring so there is a real hippy vibe to it. I wasn’t sure about the various colours when I started to make this and seriously thought about frogging it and starting something else. But I continued. It wasn’t till I was finished and I took a look at the completed blanket that I realised how unique and beautiful it actually is. I used a 7mm hook and my fave corner to corner pattern. One of the befits of this pattern is when you only have a limited number of balls of wool. Simple divide in half and use of half to increase and one to decrease.

A creative Spin On Corner To Corner

The corner to corner pattern is really simple and quick to work up. By simply changing the direction of the square there are endless possibilities and ways to create something unique. These blankets require a bit of planning but the results are amazing. I like to make squares 10 rows x 10 rows and change colours half way through. There are no rules with these blankets and it’s easy for your creativity to take over!

Idea 1.

This is great for a feature colour. The diamond pattern would look great repeating over the blanket!

Idea 2.

This would make a chevron style blanket. Use two colour for a bold look, or choose 1 bold colour, and 2 similar shades for a cool 3D look. IMG_2169

Idea 3.
With a big of planning on paper before you start this blanket would look fantastic! Imagine bold diagonal lines! There are several ways to customize this blanet too, choose 1 bold colour and have the diagonal line repeat every second ‘row’ or have the whole blanket as several diagonal lines!



Idea 4.
This is a cool design which looks best with 3 colours. Choose 2 similar colours for the centre and 1 bold colour for the outside. You can also customize this by having another set of colour and creating a checkerboard effect.



Idea 5.
This is an awesome idea to make a colourful blanket with bold shapes and lines. The repeating pattern would look great or mix it up with another set of colours.



Finished: Watercolour Rainbow Blanket


This blanket took me a while to make. I wasn’t really focused on it and used it as a filler in-between the other projects. I originally wanted to make them all squares and sew them together. But it was dragging on and I figured I need it finished and out of my way.

I made 16 7×7 squares and 2 28×28 squares. The pattern in the wool was a happy accident! Each of the smaller squares took about 12 minutes each. Sewing them together has never been my strong point. I used clothes pegs to keep them from bunching up and it seemed to work. The ends are annoying me and I wished I had sewn them in as I went. Eventually I will finish this off properly.

I’m thinking about adding a small thin border in white or black just to finish it off nicely but that’s a job for another day!

Wool used: http://www.iceyarns.com/dancing-baby-yellow-white-pink-orange-green-blue

Pattern: Variation of this http://thecrochetcrowd.com/crochet-corner-to-corner-afghan-project-youtube/

Time spent: 5 weeks

Chunky Blue & Green Blanket


Ta Da! It’s finally finished! I may have taken on a few more projects than I should have to this got pushed towards the bottom of the pile. I love corner to corner blankets but they get the the middle point and start to slow right down. It’s frustrating because you feel like you are spending hours and getting no where. But oh well, it’s done. I powered through and finished!

To get this effect I used Ice Yarn Magic and held two stands of the yarn together. I also used a 9mm hook. This is a great way of making the wool thick and chunky and the larger hook means you finish earlier. This yarn was so deliciously soft and the whole blanket feels like a cloud. By holding the two strands together it created a unique effect with the colour changing yarn.

This blanket it for me to keep but it’ll be put away until the weather cools down a bit!

Finished: Two Baby Blankets



Oh wow, they are finally done. After weeks of procrastinating I finally finished both the blankets! I really didn’t like the yarn used on the more pinker blanket, it was too fine and not as soft as the other one. And somehow still have about 100gms of it left! Anyways, they are both done and are now awaiting the arrival of their precious new owners. I’m contemplating adding a border around them, especially the more gender neutral one, but will wait until the baby’s are born to make my final decision.

In Progress: Aunt’s Blanket


I emailed my aunty a photo of my rainbow blanket and she immediately loved it and requested one for herself. Her only change was the colours. Purples, greens, and browns were requested; a lot different to my usual style of bright and funky! So off to the internets to find something she would like. I came across this 100% wool yarn and knew straight away it was the right choice. I ordered 8 balls of it without realizing it wasn’t going to be enough- damn ordering 4 more balls and paying for international shipping again!

So once again I made this double stranded and corner to corner. The wool was so thick and warm. I probably should have used a bigger hook but I wanted to start straight away! I am currently half way there. Now I can only wait for the extra wool to arrive!

Baby blanket in progress

My boss’ two children are both going to be parents next year! Super exciting because I designed their wedding invitations! So naturally I’m making them a blanket for their newborns. I’ve found out that one will be a girl! Yay! I’m using the corner to crochet pattern again with a beautiful pastel rainbow yarn. I’m keeping them both similar on purpose with the exception of the border which I’ll add just before I give it to them!


Rainbow blanket!




I made this gorgeous rainbow blanket using 10 balls of Ice Yarn Dancing Baby. It took about 8 days where I was crocheting for about 5 hours a day (I have no kiddies obviously lol)

I used a free patten from The Crochet Crowd which was super easy to follow!

This pattern worked up really fast. I loved how you can crochet 4 balls of wool then start decreasing knowing that you are only going to need another 4 balls. No nasty surprise of running out of yarn halfway through the last row!