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Finished: Spiral Blanket 2


After months and months of delaying this blanket due to heat I have finally finished! I dyed the wool using my technique which you can find here. The unique nature of each ball of wool plus the spiral pattern of the blanket creates something totally random and awesome! I added a fringe because fringes are cool haha

All up I used about 16 balls of 50g wool for the centre and 3.5 for the Continue reading Finished: Spiral Blanket 2

Yarn Bowls


I recently found this amazing ceramic designer who makes these yarn bowls! I’ve been searching for a ceramic bowl like this for quite some time, but all I could find was international sellers and it was too risky to post. Luckily there was a stall at the local Australia Day celebrations which featured the local pottery club (

I couldn’t decide between the blue one and the sheep one, so i got both! It’s always nice to support local businesses, especially those who hand made items. Details for the amazing lady that made the bowl are below, she is located on the Gold Coast, Australia.



Yarn Review : Vera Moda “Faith”

First Impression:

I love the colour! Its lovely and bright and a really nice rainbow. It is very difficult to find a nice rainbow coloured yarn. Usually there is a lot of yellows which I don’t particularly like.  The yarn is thin and floaty which would make a great scarf or wrap.

Crocheting Up:

I used a 6mm hook and found it really difficult to start off with. This is to be expected though. Once I started though, it was fine. The yarn is very difficult to undo and knots very easily. I love how the colours change gradually. I did notice there was a join about 5 metres into the yarn. Nothing makes me more angry than this. I had to cut the yarn and start again as the colours did not match up. When joining a new ball of yarn I found that it gave a much nicer result if you tried to match the colour as close as possible. This meant cutting a bit of the yarn off, but did give it a continuous look.


This yarn is beautiful, I’d buy it again. I’d love to make something large and floaty such as light blanket. I’d recommend this yarn to anyone looking for a delicate look with gorgeous colours.


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