In Progress: Aunt’s Blanket


I emailed my aunty a photo of my rainbow blanket and she immediately loved it and requested one for herself. Her only change was the colours. Purples, greens, and browns were requested; a lot different to my usual style of bright and funky! So off to the internets to find something she would like. I came across this 100% wool yarn and knew straight away it was the right choice. I ordered 8 balls of it without realizing it wasn’t going to be enough- damn ordering 4 more balls and paying for international shipping again!

So once again I made this double stranded and corner to corner. The wool was so thick and warm. I probably should have used a bigger hook but I wanted to start straight away! I am currently half way there. Now I can only wait for the extra wool to arrive!

Custom Crochet Hooks

I’ve seen a lot of people using their custom crochet hooks and thought I’d give it a try. They’re really simple to make! The hardest part was deciding on colours!

You will need:
Metal Crochet Hook in your desired size
Polymer clay in your desired colours
Rolling pin
Baking tray and baking paper and oven

Simply roll your clay into a flat even rectangle. Get creative with colours and designs. Once you are happy with your designs preheat an oven. Please follow the directions on the packet for maximum temperatures. Put our baking paper on your tray and carefully place your hooks. I cooked mine for 7 minutes before turing them over and cooking for another 7 minutes. Be very careful as thy are boiling hot. Allow them to cool completely before touching with your bare hands. And you’re done! Enjoy your custom crocheting hook.


New projects

Here are a few projects I’m working on right now. So much planned for this year in terms of crochet. I usually don’t start one project until I’ve finished the current one, but I couldn’t resist with my new StyleCraft yarn turning up! 50 delicious balls in 25 colours! I should be able to make about 5 blankets out of all this yarn. I love how quick and inexpensive the shipping is considering it comes from England! My wool had traveled more than me!

New York, New York



It’s been a dream of mine to travel to New York City for years now. Recently I traveled to the USA for a month of exploring which included an amazing 10 nights in New York City. After a delayed flight we finally got to our hotel at midnight. I should mention we had come from Las Vegas, so obviously was exhausted.

The next day we woke to rainy and cold! Well, cold for an Australian! We set out exploring the city. We walked an average of 20 km a day! We saw all the touristy stuff like Times Square, Central Park, 30 Rock, Empire State, Statue of Liberty, 9/11 Memorial, and heaps more. We also took in a concert at Webster Hall which was hipster and awesome! I loved the fastness of the city and learnt to negotiate the streets. The food was slightly disappointing, but maybe we ate at the wrong places.

I would love to return for about a month to explore the non-tourist side of the city.

Baby blanket in progress

My boss’ two children are both going to be parents next year! Super exciting because I designed their wedding invitations! So naturally I’m making them a blanket for their newborns. I’ve found out that one will be a girl! Yay! I’m using the corner to crochet pattern again with a beautiful pastel rainbow yarn. I’m keeping them both similar on purpose with the exception of the border which I’ll add just before I give it to them!


Rainbow blanket!




I made this gorgeous rainbow blanket using 10 balls of Ice Yarn Dancing Baby. It took about 8 days where I was crocheting for about 5 hours a day (I have no kiddies obviously lol)

I used a free patten from The Crochet Crowd which was super easy to follow!

This pattern worked up really fast. I loved how you can crochet 4 balls of wool then start decreasing knowing that you are only going to need another 4 balls. No nasty surprise of running out of yarn halfway through the last row!

Vintage blanket


This is a beautiful vintage inspired blanket. I love looking at old photos of crochet and I was trying to get that 70’s vibe into one blanket.
The wool is super soft and only 5ply so it’s really light and airy. This meant it took forever for it to get big enough. When I ended it it was taking an hour to do one round. I am not patient and demand instant results. I’ve still got some wool left and I might finalize the purple edging if I get really bored or have a sudden inspiration.

Zig Zag blanket

If you want to make a blanket but don’t want it to be very thick and chunky I recommend this zig zag blanket. It’s really simple to do once you’ve gotten past the first two row. This blanket is ideal for a couch blanket or a kids blanket. I’m not sure how it would go as a baby blanket as there are quite a few holes that might get tangled with little baby fingers.

I had come across some delicious rainbow gradient yarn so I was looking to make a blanket that would show off the colours without having a fussy pattern.

To start I chained 250. This is totally up to you, but just make sure you do an even number plus 1 to turn.

I used a size 6mm hook which is the perfect tension with the 8py yarn I chose.

Once you’ve chained these turn your work over.

Yarn over and insert hook into the second chain, draw a loop and pull through two, yarn over and pull though the final two loops. Repeat this stitch into the same hole. Once you’ve done this chain one. Skip the next chain and repeat.

Continue this until you’ve reached the end of the row. Chain one and turn.

You should be able to see the V stitches. This is where you will now make your stitches.

Repeat this pattern until you’re happy with the length and fasten off.

This is a great pattern to use up any scraps of yarn you have, or to use gradient yarn.