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Finished: Mermaid Scarf


I found this yarn somewhere in America and loved the colours. It reminded me of underwater and the ocean, and therefore the mermaid scarf was born. I used a simple shell pattern to create the scales, and i used a 5mm hook to make it drape. This whipped up pretty quick. I used one ball of yarn which gave it a pretty decent size. It doesn’t get cold here so it’s used mainly to add colour to an outfit. The yarn is super soft and flowly and it’s the right amount of warmth.

Finished: Beth Blanket

A few weeks ago my friend Beth asked me to make her a blanket. Normally I don’t make commissioned blankets, but for her I made an exception. She choose the pattern and the colours of the yarn, I just had to make the rest- simple! The yarn took some time to come from England, but was amazingly soft. I love working with Stylecraft yarn. The pattern was a simple granny but with colour variations. I love patterns so trying to make things ‘random’ was a challenge. I tried to not think about it too much. I used the join as you go method for the final rounds. The border was two rounds of pink followed by a white scolloped border. This blanket took forever. It is one of my favourites though and well worth the effort.

Colours used:
Pale Rose


Mandala Love


Mandalas are always a great quick project to do. I really enjoy making them if i get bored of a large project, or just want something colourful to do that I can finish in an afternoon or night. There are heaps of patterns online and Pintrest is a great place to start. Cotton is the best fiber to work with as it keeps it shape, plus the colours are amazing! I find using a smaller than usual hook also helps as you don’t want it to become too open and lacey. I framed one of my recent mandalas which looks super cool on my wall! In the future i plan on framing a whole bunch to create a unique wall art collection.



rainbow star blankets

I decided to whip up a couple of baby blankets just to have on stand by. Does anyone else get slightly mad when their partner or family member just casually decides to tell you they need a baby blanket for their work friend? Happened so much last year, I’m prepared this time. These blankets will look familiar to a few if you’ve followed me fr a while now. Just the 12 point ripple pattern by the crochet crowd and my favourite yarn from Woolly and Warm. I made these a lot smaller than the original as they are meant for babies or young children who don’t need such a bulky blanket.
Love how these turn out and will try to make a few more to stock my Etsy store which i have been neglecting.
Yarn: https://www.woollyandwarmy.com/collections/papatya-batik

Colour Love: Forest

These colours remind me of all the colours of the forest and sky and work so well together! The bright green really stands out as the dominate colour and the grey really adds another dimension. Adding cream or white helps the colours pop and would be great for a border. These colours would work well for a modern baby blanket or throw blanket.


  • Cream
  • Graphite
  • Meadow
  • Turquoise
  • Grass green
  • Aspen
  • Sage
  • Aster
  • TealAll available in the Stylecraft special DK range!


Colour Love: Happy Rainbow

Rainbows are the best! This is a different take on the old traditional concept of the rainbow. The colours used are warm without being too bright, and are ideal for a range of projects. Add white or black inbetween stripes or for the border and you’ll have yourself a great coloured blanket!


Colour Love: Summertime

Summer is all about sunshine and the beach! I’ve mixed blues, yellows to create this fun, happy, and bright colour mix. This colour recipe would be great for all sorts of projects but I could really see it as a ripple blanket for a baby. Add white or cream to make the colours stand out or as the border!

Colour Love: Retro Rainbow


Use these colours for a retro spin on the popular rainbow combination. These warm colours are modern, funky, and are suitable for a range of projects. Use the cream or brown as an accent on the border to make the colours pop! I’m going to turn this combination into a v stitch blanket!

These colours are available in Stylecraft Special DK

• Dark Brown
• Teal
• Gold
• Copper
• Petrol
• Claret
• Khaki
• Grey
• Cream